The Private Institute for Hematology and Clinical Research (Instituto Privado de Hematología e Investigación Clínica—IPHIC) was established to meet the demand for a specialized center for precise diagnostics for the treatment of hemato-oncological diseases, as well clinical test services and other medical procedures, with the aid of an exact precision instrument (Flow Cytometer), while maintaining the highest quality standards.

The Institute centers its efforts in providing humanitarian and sensitive help to the patient, while maintaining the equanimity and ethics required for every case.

The Private Institute for Hematology and Clinical Research is also a Clinical Research Center for rare diseases such as Gaucher’s and Fabry’s Disease.

In addition, IPHIC has been developing clinical tests on neoplastic diseases such as Lymphoma and others.

All of the research protocols carried out at IPHIC follow Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines, and are guided and audited by different Contract Research Organizations (CROs), fulfilling all FDA norms (IPHIC was audited by the FDA in January 2010).